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Who We Are and What We Offer

At LMP our mission is to transform companies through automation. We have two divisions, LMP Financial Group  and Califon Software Solutions. As a client of LMP your firm will lower its cost of back office operations by Co-Sourcing & Outsourcing time consuming responsibilities. This will allow you to focus on the core functions of your firm, enabling you to make sound business decisions and enhance corporate growth strategies.

At Califon Software Solutions, we deliver to our clients a high-performance commission calculation and analytical software as a service (SaaS) technology that has built-in financial intelligence and business rules while utilizing cloud-based financial dashboards.  We deliver the financial insight to help your business grow. 

       LMP Financial Group LLC

  • Business process Co-sourcing & Outsourcing - back office operations

  • Technology and software implementation and support

  • Management of third-party providers

  • Accounting and financial management support

    • Financial accounting

    • Accounting software implementation

    • Management reporting automation

    • Cash management

    • Account reconciliation

       Califon Software Solutions®

  • Commission and revenue reporting distributed to personnel in real time tailored  to the financial sector

  • Ability to run infinite commission calculation scenarios, you’ll readily have access to your Net P&L

  • Improved financial analytics by streamlined reporting and automation of business processes

  • Elimination of the manual processes that have made calculating commission data such a challenge

  • Integrity raw data checks 

  • Customized financial reporting delivered to client as a cloud solution offering:

    • Key performance summary (mtd/ytd)​

    • Performance summary by division

    • Performance summary by account and rep ID

    • Performance summary by product

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